Road system ‘killing’ us!

Retailers especially those along Jalan Nanas, Jalan Raja Hassan and Jalan Melayu are experiencing a tremendous drop in business following a decision by the Klang Municipal Council to divert traffic into a bigger circle.

Retailers showed their unhappiness after the council diverted traffic against the nornal flow. The ‘reverse’ traffic flow they say does not make sense … they call it the ‘American’ system and is not suitable. The reason for this is because the road system was originally designed to follow a British driving system — like the rest of the country, they say.

Besides a drop in the number of customers, retailers also complain of the difficulty to have suppliers deliver goods as drivers find it difficult to move around the new road system.

Following numerous public complaints, Klang Municipal councillor Tai Teck Chuan and Kapar member of parliament S Manikavasagam, conducted a survey to identify the extent of the inconvenience to businesses as a result of the newly implemented traffic system.