JOM! carnival finishes with a bang!


 The old adage, “saving the best for the last” was held true in the case of the “JOM!” carnival which came to an exciting end yesterday with the “Strongman Tournament” where brawn and strength was tested to the limits.

The participants had to compete with one another in five different events in all, namely the shoulder press competition to see who can do the most number of presses with 40kg barbells, a race where the competitors had to carry a couple of 10-litre plastic barrels filled to the brim with water to see who finishes the fastest, another race where the competitors had to flip a gigantic tractor tyre for a distance of 15 meters as well as throwing a 10kg rice bag up in the air to see who can throw the furthest.  Last but not least, the most exciting event of all was to see who can pull a pick-up truck loaded with 10 people for a distance of 20 meters in the fastest time.

The tournament, which was organised by Evolution Gym and Fitness Centre, Alor Setar, in conjunction with the ‘Karnival Keluarga 2012′, drew a large crowd of spectators from all around Kedah, who came in flocks to witness this unique competition for themselves as well as to cheer the competitors on.

CJMY was there to capture some of the excitement.


40kg Bar Bell ready for the shoulder press competition.
A "professional" giving some tips on how it should be done.....


Age seem not to be a barrier for this competitor!


Pushing the barbells up after about 20 reps is no easy task for even the strongest of men...


Contestant using every ounce of strength for a final push!


Getting the arms around the tyre for the lift and flip


In position to lift the tractor tyre.


Got the tyre up vertically ready to be dropped on the dirt.


The host of the event, celebrity chef, Jaafar Onn, was one of the ten people loaded in the pick-up truck to be pulled by the participants.


The "Champ" !

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