The art of fine dancing

This year once again the Johor International Dance Championship held in Cathay Restoran, Taman Molek, Johor recently.

The program organised by Sammy Soo and Aleena Tan with the support of Malaysian Dancers’ Association, Malaysian United Dance sport Association and WDC Asian Amateur League attracted 200 dancers fromĀ  around the globe.

The competition categories ranged from junior to amateur category and the overall winner was a dancer from Russia, Mikkail Eremeeva and Sally Teo.

According to the organizer the aim of the competition is to promote ballroom dancing in Johor and they had proposed to the related authority to introduce ballroom dancing in schools as an extracurricular activities.

Ballroom dancing used to be an entertainment for the rich community in past but now it is regarded as a sports that promotes good health and fun by all.

3rd Johor International Dance Championship
Men too have to looks good. A dancer applying make up for her dance partner
Panel of adjudicator from around the globe.
Artistic and precise steps, Latin Novice Star
They have it all under control
Latin dancers under 10-years
These two are under 8-years-old
Winners for Latin Novice Rising Star
Latin Senior category
Latin Teacher-Student category
From Left Mikkail Eremeeva and Sally Teo the champion from Russia
Mikkail Eremeeva and Sally Teo the champion from Russia