JB Tiong Hua Association promotes community bonding through dancing

The Johor Bahru Tiong Hua Association’s cultural committee organised a ‘Fifth of May Charity Dinner and Dance’ event to promote healthy social activities, here, recently.

The event was  attended by some 500 people who came to have a great time participating in the free-for-all Latin dancing session.

The event was spiced up with elegant looking invited performers doing the Latin dances throughout the evening including a pair of 9 year old who managed to hold the audience total focus in all their dance performances.

Chong Kim Huat, organising chairperson, told CJMY, every year, the committee will organise a community-cum-charity event in the month of May and this year, he said,  the committee has decided to promote community dancing as a form of bonding besides raising fund for charitable organisation.

Later, he presented a cheque for RM5,000 to the Befrienders Society of Johor Bahru.

The Befrienders is a non profit, multi-racial and non religious organisation set up with a mission to alleviate distress and help reduce the risk of suicide through emotional support and public education.

The Befrienders emotional support centre call-in telephone service number is 07-331 2300 and is operational from 4pm to 12 midnight daily.