Photoblog: Purple walk for good governance


I was born in this country - I deserve to be governed by a government free of corruption
I work many hours a day - I deserve a decent living wage
I walk on - for a better quality of life
I plead for the gender-based violence to end
Walk with me, and walk in peace
Walk for a country loved by her women
Walk with me for a common right: Repeal the Peaceful Assembly Act
We walk this beloved land - hand in hand
United in a common destiny
Taking ownership of our rights to a Free and Fair elections
So our daughters need not fight
For basic Human Rights
And men... our friends... join us on our journey

Approximately four thousand women ( and a few men) took to the streets of Petaling Jaya enroute to the  Padang Astaka demanding for change and calling for clean governance.  Organised by the Wanita Suara Perubahan, in conjuction with International Women’s Day 2012, the Group are making the following 6 demands to the Government.

1. A government free of corruption

2. A decent living wage

3. A better quality of life

4. An end to gender-based violence

5. Repeal of the Peaceful Assembly Act

6. Free and Fair Elections

The following pictures are taken during the march of one of the groups from Masjid Bulat in Section 14 to Padang Astaka some 3 km away.