OMD Predict Malaysia shows marketeers the way forward

OMD Malaysia provided a future forward peek into the dynamics of the media and marketing industry through an event, titled OMD Predicts, here, today.

OMD Predict is a series of industry events that looks beyond today and anticipates what is around the corner to be better prepared in understanding media-usage related consumer behavior and trends. the series is being brought to Asia Pacific for the first time, starting with several countries in the South East Asia region, including Malaysia.

OMD Predicts Malaysia delved into local consumer trends and media developments in a bid to reveal the future of media and communications.

The conference featuring speakers from OMD and Omnicom Media Group provided insights and stimulating conversations on three key topics in the Malaysian media context, firstly,  Social listening , secondly, the pivotal role played by consumers and finally, online TV and real time buying.

OMD Predicts is our vision for the future, a future that we are excited to bring to life in Malaysia. said Andreas Vogiatzakis, Managing Director of Omnicom Media Group, Malaysia.

Brand engagement rules are being continuously rewritten in the face of rapidly changing consumer behaviour.

As one of the most wired nations of South East Asia, Malaysia is at the forefront of a plethora of opportunities that has implications for the rest of Asia, he added.

One of the many predictions made OMD Predicts Malaysia is that in three years’ time, listening to consumers in real time would replace surveys as the mainstay of how insight are gathered.

The conference also focused on a key development borne out of the evolution technologies in the media industry where from the generating and managing an increasing amount of data, the insights that are derived from it allow for more accurate and effective marketing decision-making.

Matthew Harty, General Manager, of Accuen (part of Omnicom Media Group) illustrated how to extract business value from existing and new data sources.

Margaret Lim, Managing Director of OMD Malaysia said, television dominance is weakening in the face of multitude of screens that have invaded the consumer’s daily life.

Adding, she said, social media networks and mobile devices have given way to multi-tasking like never before.

OMD Predicts is a platform that is designed to help marketeers get better in the art of effective customer engagement.

The conference was attended by some 100 delegates from the media, marketing and advertising industry in Malaysia and was compered by Andreas Vogiatzakis.

The Singapore version of OMD Predicts is scheduled to be held on May. 10.