Family of Jaswant Singh urged police to speed up investigation

(From second far right) Dalbir Kaur, Jagir Kaur and lawyer M Kulasegaran at the press conference


Jagir Kaur and Dalbir Kaur together with their lawyer, M Kulasegaran, were at the Ipoh district police station to provide additional information and at the same time lodged a police report to urged the police to speed up its investigation into the death of Jaswant Singh, here, yesterday afternoon.

Jaswant Singh was found murdered in his own home on May 1, 2012 and to-date the police has yet to complete its investigation.

Jagir Kaur and Dalbir Kaur is the mother and sister of deceased Jaswant Singh, respectively.

During a press conference, both Jagir and Dalbir told reporters that they have strong ground to believe that Jaswant was murdered by his own 15 year old son, Kalvinder Singh.

Dalbir said, based on the chronology of event on April 30, 2012, and the available material evidences obtained, we are almost certain that Kalvinder has murdered his own father together with an unknown number of accomplices.

That is why, she said, we are very unhappy and disappointed that the police is taking a long time to complete the investigation even with ample evidences provided by us and those obtained from the crime scene.

When asked by reporter, whether Jaswant used to beat up the wife and the children, Dalbir said, Jaswant is a loving father and used to buy gifts for the family members.

Furthermore, she said, that there are no medical or police reports to substantiate the beating allegation but did not deny that there may be small family squabbles occasionally which should not reach to the extend of killing someone.

Dalbir said, she and her mother once again urged the police to speed up the investigation and bring the guilty parties to justice.