Sabah Bersih 3.0: Sounds, sight, words spoken

The Kota Kinabalu rally which saw over 500 congregating at Padang Merdeka recently under heavy police surveillance. A police helicopter was also spotted hovering over the field. People from Sabah have had their reservations about rooting for change. This year’s Bersih’s experience has shown that the Sabahans are moving towards the direction of political reform.

Citizen Journalist, Jeffrey George, takes a walk during the Besih rally speaking to participants, finding our what inspired them to leave their homes as early as 4am to congregate at Padang Merdeka that blazing hot Saturday afternoon.

A gentle crowd slowly trickle in.
Some decide to drum up a little festivity.
Perer Sumping departed from Ranau at 4am - he is here to make certain his children experiences a brighter future.
Speaking to CJMY, Nazib Maidan left Sipatang at 6am with 4 others in hope that the government would listen to their demands.
All we want is for the future generation to understand the true meaning of democracy without a shread of lie and to see that the political culture of this country transform.
We hope that all Malaysians, despite being politically affiliated or otherwise, will support Bersih's agenda for untainted elections.
We will walk for Sabah to be treated as a true part of Malaysia - so that she receives development in accordance to the resources she contributes towards the development of Malaysia.
We halt to consider Bersih's 8 demands - we hope Sabahans will understand the the profound need for change.
Youngsters sing the song of change - ready to embrace a revolutionised Sabah.
While hundreds more flock towards Padang Merdeka, Sabah.
In hot pursuit of justice.
Flanked and supported by SAPP's leader.
SAPP president Yong Teck Lee having a light chat with anti-Lynas supporter.
A massive crowd - ready to listen, hungry for a way forward.
Clamouring to bring about change of a significant sort.
A united Sabahan front.
Behind a regiment designed to disrupt.
A Save Sabah DBKK exercise drill on Padang Merdeka.
Same place - same time - who's the mastermind?
But we, the Bersih Supporters, cheer you on... Yes! Save Sabah!
SAPP vice youth chief, Edward Dagul said that government needs to be more vigilant about how the people are feeling at this point.
Jan Chow: Last year I spent RM300 for an air tiket to KL to spend 709 there and because I did not believe that Sabahan are strong enought to stand for their rights but today I am really impresed with the people who come today.
The peaceful walkabout.
Simon Chin Hock Siong, hopes that the government adheres to the demands made by Bersih before the next election.