Food review: Dancing Fish Restaurant

I was pleasantly surprised when my friends and I went to dinner to a restaurant named Dancing Fish located on the 3rd floor of Bangsar Shopping Complex. The food was simply wonderful.

Service was good as we were greeted warmly at the entrance and seated immediately in a cozy spot.

The Asian décor compliments the Indo Malay restaurant. My appetite was stimulated by the delicious wafting aromas.

Joshua Teoh, one of the owners said that his partner and he decided to open a restaurant for their love of Indo Malay food. When asked about the unique name of the restaurant, Joshua said that the name represents good food, service, and great ambience.

Most significantly to make people remember them after they try the Dancing Fish dish. ‘By thinking of the fish, they will actually think of us’, he said.

According to him, Ingredients are carefully selected to bring the true unadulterated flavors of Malaysia and Indonesia. There is no compromise in the cooking processes and ingredients used and absolutely NO MSG is added to the food.

The menu specialties include fried Dancing Fish, Gulai Pucuk Paku, Balinese Crispy Duck, Seafood Coconut Soup, charcoal grilled Oxtail, Calamari and Spring Chicken.

Carefully selected drinks ensure that they complement the flavors of the food. House drinks are brewed fresh daily. Each has a special secret processing or natural ingredient added to give it a unique favor.

My friends and I ordered the highly acclaimed fried ‘Dancing Fish’, Gulai Pucuk Paku, Tauhu telur, Bebek Betutu-duck cooked in banana leaves in accompaniment with piping hot turmeric rice served intermittently by waiters to our hearts content.