Wake up, young talented people are leaving

The 21st of February 2012 was set to be the day that people wake up and take notice of a major issue facing this country – the brain drain.

Many young people who study abroad find themselves enamoured by the lifestyle and opportunities before them.

Indeed, a recent World Bank report states 2 out of 10 Malaysian graduates will leave our country.

Tackling this issue head-on is the youth-inspired Wake Up Call Malaysia, in conjunction with the global Wake Up Call (a growing movement around the world with participation from over 80 countries that had its roots at the One Young World Summit in Zurich last year).

Young leaders were encouraged to make a difference by highlighting a pressing issue plaguing their home countries and taking action to ask for change from national leaders, non-governmental organizations, businesses or any concerned party.

The 21st of February has been selected and this year marks the first time such an event happened globally.

Recognizing the seriousness of the brain drain, the Malaysian Wake Up Call coordinator, Choo Choon Sian, 23, decided to take action and address this problem.

By using twitter, facebook campaigns and you tube, Wake up Call Malaysia has been gathering extensive data to highlight the importance of this issue to the authorities concerned.

With input from more than 500 young Malaysians currently abroad, these findings will be presented to the CEO of Talent Corporation Malaysia today.

Wake Up Call Malaysia’s demand: Policy reforms to strengthen inclusiveness and career prospects that encourage the local talent to stay and serve the country instead of moving to greener pastures abroad.

 For more information: www.wakeupcallmalaysia.com