Photo blog: Beach-side Thaipusam Sabahan-style

About 500 hundred Hindus thronged the Sri Subramaniar Temple at the Lok Kawi Army Camp recently to celebrate Thaipusam.

The procession started as usual from the Low Kawi’s Meruntum Beach after 10 a.m.and reached the temple less than 5 km away before 12 noon for a delicious vegetarian luncheon for all Hindus and non-Hindus visitors and foreign tourists.

Sabah is unique for the intermarriages between Indians and other races which makes Thaipusam a truly Malaysian occasion with international participation of many foreign tourists.

The Sri Subramaniar Temple at the Lok Kawi Army Camp land was started by Hindu soldiers in the Malaysian Infantry, Signals, Engineering and Medical Corps on land belonging to the military and now supported by Hindu civilians with a separated entrance from the camp’s parameter fencing along the Penampang-Low Kawi Road.

It is a modest temple when compared to other temples in Malaysia and around the world but its close proximity to a beach makes it unique for the kavadi procession. There were Muslims watching the occasion and some asked if they could enter the temple compound. All people of all faiths were welcomed.

The Hindu youths set up a tent with England tag at the roadside to give out free drinks to passers-by and visitors.

The Penampang-Lok Kawi Roadside nearby the temple were jammed with cars as
there were no parking spaces in the small temple compound,

A close eye on her surrounding
Peeking through the railings, waiting in anticipation
Sound of the drums fill the open space
Sri Subramaniar Temple at the Lok Kawi (Army) Camp
Of prayer and worship
Lord Ganesha watches over a staunch devotee
While another consumes the ever healing coconut water
Unlike any other: A beach-side Thaipusam celebration
Tumeric water for cleansing
Kavadi carriers preparing
A stunning spectator capturing the event
Thaipusan by the beach: An event worth remembering