Golfers lodged report against Bukit Jambul Country Club

Some aggrieved golfers lodged a police report against the Bukit Jambul Country Club management citing the strong arm tactic used to force them to use the electric buggy while golfing.

According to the police report, the incident happened around 7.25am when some 30 golfers were stopped by the security personnels. The report also mentioned that 2 of the golfers were pushed to the ground and subsequently insulted with vulgar words when the golfers proceeded to walk to the next hole.

The complainant, Adrian Ho added that the security personnel also confiscated his golf balls and challenged him to report to the management office.

The report was lodged at the Sungai Nibong police station.

At the press time, Bukit Jambul Country Club management company, Taiyo Resort (KL) Berhad have not responded to Komunitikini’s request for response over the police report.

Bukit Jambul Country Club recently has imposed rules which require golfers to use payable electric buggies on its 18-hole golf course.This rule unanimously bar golfers from walking on the course, and require them to rent the buggies.

Effective of February 1, 2012, buggies are allowed onto green
Security personnel blocking the golfers from teeing off
Security personnel confiscate Adrian Ho's golf balls
Security personnel blocking golfers from walking to their holes