Hunger strike at Brickfields

Seven Malaysians associated with the Effingham Tamil School in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya have commenced a drastic hunger strike in front of the water fountain in Little India, Brickfields.

The Return Effingham Land Action Team (REFLAX) have been holding candle light vigils every Saturday night for the past 14 weeks, seeking the return of 3 acres of school land which they alleged have been grabbed by the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) which is a component party in the Barisan National Federal Government.

The members of REFLAX decided to hold this drastic hunger strike as a last resort to compel the return of the 3 acres land for the future expansion of the school.

After a brief prayer ceremony  witnessed by YB Sivarasa, MP for Subang and YB Manogaran, MP for Teluk Intan, the hunger strike officially started at 8.20 am.

Subang MP Sivarasa giving his blessings to the hunger strikers

Teluk Intan MP Manogaran giving his blessings to the hunger strikers

Manivanan, the Chairman of the Return Effingham Land Action Team (REFLAX) in the coconut breaking ceremony to show the sincerity of the hunger strike

On hand to show support for the hunger strikesr was YB Xavier Jayakumar, Selangor Exco.

The hunger strikers all seated: LtoR Palanivelan, Nathan Ramalingam, Tamilavasan, M Telai Amblam, Loganathan, R Suresh Kumar & S Balakumaran

In a drastic hunger strike, no food or drinks are taken during the duration of the strike and all the seven participants have vowed to stay on the strike until the MIC expressly agree to return the 3 acres of land back to the school.

Within minutes of the commencement of the hunger strike, enforcement officers from the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur were on hand and informed the organisers that even though they are allowed to sit at the fountain they are not allowed to built tents or other structures.

The Chairman of REFLAX, Manivanan appealed to the officers to allow for the tents to be erected on humanitarian grounds as they are used as a protection from sun and rain.