Capturing wings in a flash

A birdwatching escapade organised by the Malaysia Nature Society Johor recently at the Panti Bird Sanctuary located  along Jalan Kota Tinggi shined a spotlight on Lee Kean Boon who indulges in wildlife photography and makes a living out of it.

Lee told Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) that since he started this interest on 2001, he has spent almost Rm 100,000 on  buying and selling of cameras and  lenses.

He has traveled to many places in Malaysia to capture the photos but his favourite places are Pahang, Bukit Tinggi and Genting Hignlands.

He has generously shared his hobby and techniques of holding his 12 kg camera completed with stand.

More on Lee Kean Boon’s work.

Lee with his Rm60,000 camera set.
Shooting with a tripod.
Lee's collection - Barred Eagle Owl in Johor.
Dark-sided Flycatcher from Panti Bird Sanctuary.
Laced Woodpecker.
Paddy field pipit-Anthus rufulus.
Copper-Throated Sun Bird at Sungai Bulug.