Taman Boundary: Finally, working elevators

Taman Boundary‘s block of 9 storey building consisting of 162 units of flats have functioned over the last 10 years with one working elevator.

Residents’ association chairman, Chuah said “since it last broke down some 10 years ago, the lift have not been fixed due to insufficient funds.”

Surviving with one lift over such a duration has caused undue inconvenience especially for the elderly and disabled.

This Sunday, March 3, 2012 residents of Taman Boundary gathered in anticipation, for the arrival of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

While having an alternate function close by, the chief minister made a slight detour to  meet the residence of Taman Boundary.

He left after pledging to foot half of the RM65,000 for the repairs of the elevators so that the residence may enjoy the luxury of having two lifts in working order.