SMK Damansara Utama celebrates prom night in style

Guests arriving in dazzling style on the red carpet with everyone showed up dressed "to the nines” for the SMDU Hollywood Prom Night 2011. Walking in the front row are Christine Tee and Sophie Chin and in the back row are Jessica Chan and Caroline.

The red carpet was rolled out and the 100 over guests arrived dressed to the nines with the ladies in stunning gowns, strapless dresses and halter top dresses with high heels whilst the gentlemen in tuxedos, dress suits with neckties and bow ties.

Their arrival turned heads and were greeted with a deluge of camera flashes. It was like a celebrity style red carpet event as everyone arrived looking all perfect and glamourous except that they were only 17…and almost legal.

They were form five seniors of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Damansara Utama (SMDU) in Petaling Jaya dressing up and behaving like adults and enjoying a night out of their own at the SMDU Hollywood Prom Night 2011 at the ballroom of Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Friday night 16th December.

The cameras are rolling when guests arrived in dazzling style on the red carpet at the glamorous event. Waving to the cameras are (L-R) Fang Liang, Grace Lim, Kelsey Wong and Devraj.

“The prom night is for all the form five seniors to leave SMDU with unforgettable memories of their secondary school life and something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives as they can look back to reflect upon how their secondary school life was like,” said Mahadhir bin Monihuldin, 17, chairman of SMDU Hollywood Prom Night 2011 project.

“We make it a special night for the kids.”

A great selection of various foods served buffet-style so guests won’t go hungry here.

The prom, a school graduation party of sort, themed “17…And Almost Legal,” saw students aged 17 came dressed to impress. It was the most important night for the Form Five seniors for a fun out because many of them will be leaving the school to further their tertiary education in colleges or universities.

Fun on the dance floor : A power-packed and electrifying performance which had everyone jumping up and down on the dance floor.

The prom committee was set-up in March this year and led by Mahadhir, various sub-committees were formed with each taking care of areas like decoration, food and drinks, music, programme and other areas.

No teachers were involved as the prom night project was organized and run entirely by the students themselves and showing exemplary organisational and leadership skills and teamwork that went into putting the whole event together.

You can tell everyone is having a lot of fun at the SMDU Hollywood Prom Night 2011.

There was enough excitement to keep all the school seniors entertained throughout the
night with plenty of food served buffet-style to go around and equally number of games and activities to keep them entertained including the prom queen and prom king contest.

Sweet victory: Prom king Dominique Teoh and prom queen Sophie Chin were all excited to win the coveted titles.

Loud cheer erupted when the best-looking girl  and guy, seventeen-year old students Sophie Chin and Dominique Teoh were crowned Prom Queen and Prom King respectivley. Other titles won during the night included Best Dressed Girl (Lim Hor Mun), Best Dressed Guy (Ruey Chin) and Best Couple (Isaac Lim and Denise Kuay Shian Shee).

SMDU Hollywood Prom Night 2011 organising chairman Mahadhir (2nd from left) posing with her prom committee (L-R) Sharmaine Rasha, Aravind, Farah Syamin and Deshvin

The cheers, screams and applause were unstopping when the dance groups Monst3rs and So Legal comprising students of the school showed off their dance moves.

Izaaz Iskandar and Sharmaine Rasha doing James Bond pose.

All the three bands in attendance namely Applesauce, Who Killed the Queen and Berry Craze whose band members made up of students of the school put on a power-packed and electrifying performance which had everyone jumping up and down on the dance floor!

The well-dressed gentlemen at the SMDU Hollywood Prom Night 2011: (From Left) Shau Wei, Calvin Ewe, Danial Marican, Lim Sze Wei, Clarence Gan.

Clearly, everyone was in a jovial mood and enjoying a night of dining, music and fun with the merry-making going on till late into the night. What a great prom night!