Low lying areas in Kuching, Samarahan badly affected by floods

A number of low lying areas in Kuching and Samarahan have been badly affected by floods, forcing about 500 families to be evacuated to seven relief centres, yesterday afternoon.

According to a state Flood Operations Centre spokesman, about 1,600 people from 500 families were evacuated to three relief centres in Kuching and four relief centres in Samarahan when flood waters rose between two to three metres in their areas.

“Low lying areas in Kuching and Samarahan remained submerged in flood waters and the situation is expected to get worst tonight due to the high tide and continuous rain,” the spokesman told Bernama when contacted.

Among areas badly affected were Kampung Beradik, Kampung Sungai Tengah, Batu Kawa in Kuching; Asajaya, Sadong Jaya, Simunjan and Sebuyau in Samarahan.

The spokesman said the Malaysian Civil Defence Department (JPAM), Fire and Rescue Department, Police and other relevant agencies have been directed to monitor and provide assistance to badly affected areas.

Meanwhile, five longhouses in the Sungai Arip area near Selangau which has 378 inhabitants were evacuated to SK Ulu Sungai Arip evacuation centre.

Tamin state assemblyman Joseph Mauh Ikeh said the water level was still rising and could affect more longhouses soon.

Among longhouses affected were Rh.Janting, Rh.Puan Gansau, Rh.Kusau Rh.Empie and Rh.Mujah and as the Sungai Arip Health Clinic.

He said the Selangau District Flood Operation Centre at the Selangau district Office had also been activated and will operate 24 hours.

“I would like to advise those likely to be affected soon that six evacuation centres are ready for them,” he told reporters after visiting the affected areas and the victims.

He said the evacuation centers were the SMK Ulu Balingian for those in Ulu Balingian and Pelugau areas, the SK Sungai Arip for those from Ulu Arip and the SJK(C) Tong Ah, SADIA Hall and the St.Charles Church for those from Ulu Mukah and Balingian.

“Flood victims from Tamin and Oya areas can go to the Nanga Sekuau Community Hall,” he said adding that those affected should not hesitate when asked to leave their longhouses, because of their own safety.

–  Bernama