Bestino Gold investors protesting against Bank Negara

Some 200 people who invested in a gold investment scheme operated by Bestino Gold gathered in front of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) building at Jalan Sultan Salahuddin since late morning, today.

The investors are demanding to meet the Governor to hand over a memorandum to urge the central bank and the Securities Commission to be more proactive and resolve the problems of the Bestino Gold’s investors.

The investors are also demanding the central bank to close down the Bestino Gold in Ipoh, which has not ceased operations despite the multi-million ringgit fiasco.

Finally, the investors also wants the central bank to use their discretion to mediate the crisis and return the investment money, which has been frozen by them.

On August 11, 2011, one of the Bestino Gold’s director, Chong Yuk Min had said in New Straits Times that BNM must find a way to return the money from the investors.

Some 6,764 people had invested RM411 million in the Ipoh based investment company.

Two years ago four directors of the company were charged with money laundering at the Ipoh Sessions Court, which lead to the company’s account being frozen by BNM.

The representatives of the investors met the Assitant Governer, Abu Hassan Alshari bin Yahaya to hand over the memorandum and to discuss the issue related to Bestino Gold investors.

Kota Damansara ADUN, Dr. Nasir Hashim represented the investors in the meeting with the Abu Hassan.