Johor floods: More evacuated

As of 7pm yesterday, the flood situation in Johor worsen. Some four hundred and forty two families in five districts in Johor were affected according to the National Security Council official website.

All the affected families have been evacuated and placed in eleven flood relief centres set up by the State Welfare Department.

The five affected flood hit districts are Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat, Segamat, Kluang and Kota Tinggi.

The worst flood hit district is Kluang where two hundred and forty nine residents were evacuated followed by Segamat (82), Johor Bahru (80), Batu Pahat (16) and Kota Tinggi (15),

In Kluang, the affected areas are Kampung Mengkibol involving 101 residents, Kampung Hj Nor Md Amin (53), Kampung Melayu MARDI (50), Perumahan Rakyat Yap Tau Sah, Jalan Sawi (40) and Kampung Muhibbah, 5 residents.

Fifty six residents were evacuated from Kampung Usaha Jaya in Segamat district followed by Kampung Paya Dalam (19) and Kampung Spangloi (7).

The third worst hit area is Kampung Laut, Skudai, Johor Bahru where eighty residents have been evacuated.

Flood evacuation operations also took place in Kampung Parit Hj Kamisan in Yong Peng, Batu Pahat, involving sixteen residents and also in Kampung Sungei Berangan, Kota Tinggi where fifteen residents were evacuated and placed in district flood relief centre.

To-date, no death was reported. The state Welfare Department has been said to have supplying adequate foodstuff, blankets and other necessities to all the eleven flood relief centres set up throughout the state.

For more updates on the flood situation, readers can log on to the National Security Council website at