Senior citizens gripped by cyber world

The Johor Bahru Senior Citizens Association has been running computer classes in their premise since September 2007.

More than 360 senior citizens have benefited from this program.

Secretary of the association, Soon Boon Keng, 69, said that for a fee of RM200, members will learn Microsoft Words and Microsoft Excel.

Advance program includes Internet, Facebook and Skype usage.

Datin Zubaidah Haron, 57, signed up the program because she did not want to be left behind during the booming age of technology.

Her classmate, Mathia Varanam, 72, is now able to send emails to her relatives in other parts of the world.

The address of the Johor Bahru Senior Citizens Association is JKR 583, Jalan Petrie, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Visit: IT classes for senior citizens.

Welcome to Johor Bahru Senior Citizens Association
The seasoned flip-chart used since September 2007.
IT tutor Soon Boon Keng.
Embarking on a new IT savvy journey.
You help me, I help you.
What am I seeing?
The precious thing about IT is to attempt it with complete abandon.
Intense and undivided concentration.
Some may wonder what they got themselves into.
Others are excited about the potential behind the knowledge.
Hey, where's the cursor?
Wall of acomplishments.
IT - every man's language.
This is where it all began.
Salute to the senior citizens who dares to learn.