Prosthesis and bras distributed for free

The Belayan (Bekalan prosthesis luaran payudara wanita) program was launched on July 9, 2010, by the Yayasan Kebajikan Negara whereby breast cancer survivors who fulfill certain criteria are supplied with one free prosthesis and two bras.

The objective of this scheme is to reduce financial burden and emotional stress of breast cancer patients enabling them to continue living their lives with confidence.

The criteria are:

  • citizens or permanent residents of any age
  • total household income of not more than RM5,000
  • treatment in Government hospitals and confirmed by the doctors there of  having breast cancer
  • application approved by the government hospital social worker

The Breast Cancer Support Group Johor Bahru too assist in this application.

Doris Wee, 59, president of this NGO said that since Jan 2011, they had assisted more than 90 survivors in getting this aid of 1 prosthesis and 2 bras which are worth about RM700-RM800

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This is how a silicon breast prosthesis look like.
The proper way to insert the prosthesis to the bra.
One of the type of bra for prosthesis wearing.
Another model.
Silicon prosthesis.
Prosthesis, bras, wigs for sale.
Donations are always welcome.

Doris Wee, President of JB Breast Cancer Support Group.