Chinese merchants the target of local criminals

Interview: Part 2

The last five years have seen the emergence of criminals from a certain ethnic group who target local Chinese merchants and attack their businesses, said Selangor community policing founder Kuan Chee Heng.

The former policeman, who now operates a community service center in Puchong, said he receives an average of 10 complaints on the matter every week.

“There was a case where the people from a certain ethnic group went into a Chinese restaurant, and after they had finished their meal, they called the boss, assaulted him, put his head on the table and asked; ‘do you think this is tasty?’

“The boss out of fear said no, then the gang replied by saying; ‘then no need to pay’ and walked out.” he said.

He said this group of criminals would also go into homes and proclaim themselves as security personnel offering service.

“If the owner rejected the service, the next day his car will be smashed,” he said during an exclusive interview with Komunitikini.

Kuan stresses that he is not a racist, as he merely wants to highlight a trend that “everybody knows” but is deemed as a taboo topic by politicians.

“Government should intervene”

“Now you see the street crime is committed by what race? The Chinese are being pushed into a corner, especially the businessmen.

“Why suddenly is there the emergence of this phenomenon in the Klang Valley? Is this because of political backing, socio-economic problems or their own problems?” he asked.

He urged the government to immediately intervene to assist the ethnic group, as failing to do so will only cause them to be left behind.

“If they need some assistance, do something, help them.

“If not, they will be left out from our society very soon. Nobody wants to hire them to work, this includes even their own race,” he said.


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