Traders in Brickfields urged to be patient

Photo by Leven Woon

Traders in Jalan Tun Sambanthan, known as Little India, in Brickfields have been asked to be patient for three months and t0 give the two-way traffic trial by Kuala Lumpur City Hall a chance.

Kuala Lumpur Small Indian Businesses Association chairman Gobal Rajee said today, City Hall implemented the new system just three days ago to handle traffic congestion in the area.

“The traders should understand the change is meant for the convenience of all and although they might be affected a little in the beginning, eventually when the public gets used to the change, business would revert to normal,” he said to reporters when met in the area.

Meanwhile, Federal Territory People’s Progressive Party chairman A Chandrakumanan, who was also there, said the party would bring the matter up at the ministerial level if businesses were still affected after the end of the trial period.

“We are concerned by the traders’ problems and complaints due to the changes but hope they’ll be patient for three months to gauge the results first,” he said.

Textile merchant Gajindernarth, 73, lamented that the new system reduced customers to his shop because the parking lots in front of his shop were closed.

“I feel if the traffic system is changed then cars should have access to the shops too,” he said.

Another trader dealing in bridal wear and accessories who identified himself as Y K Cheah, 50 said City Hall should have conducted an in depth study before implementing the contra flow.

“City Hall didn’t give the traders a chance to share our views, in fact it has only caused accidents since it was started. It’s not workable,” he said.

Mohd Ali Abd Wahab, 25, a goldsmith, appealed to the authorities to revert the system to the way it was, as the new flow would continue to affect his business.

“There’s no parking at all now and my customers have to pay high parking fees around here, in fact the situation would reduce my business,” he added.

– Bernama