Singapore to implement mandatory settling-in programme for maids

The Ministry of Manpower will implement a new mandatory Settling-in-Programme (SIP) for first-time foreign domestic workers by middle of next year, replacing the current mandatory Entry Test.

Announcing this, Minister of State for National Development and Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin said SIP was another way to achieve the objective of ensuring that first-time domestic workers were able to adapt to living and working safely in Singapore.

“From our surveys and consultations, we found that four out of five foreign domestic workers faced initial problems settling in to life and work in Singapore.

“Aside from missing their homes and families, many had difficulties adjusting to the local environment and culture and were stressed at work.

“The SIP will therefore, include modules on basic safety awareness, particularly around the home, adapting to life and work in Singapore, including stress management, and conditions of employment and the responsibilities of domestic workers,” he said at the 2nd Foreign Domestic Workers’ Day yesterday.

– Bernama