Number of flood victims in Terengganu swells

The number of flood victims evacuated to relief centres in Terengganu has surged to 313 people at noon today compared with 47 yesterday.

From the total, Setiu recorded a total of 115 victims from 30 families, Besut (115 victims from 25 families) and Hulu Terengganu (83 victims from 15 families).

The Terengganu National Security Council spokesman said the victims in Besut were placed at the Kampung Kruak mosque hall and Kampung Kruak multipurpose hall.

He said there were 47 victims in Setiu placed at the Kampung Tasik hall and another 68 in Kampung Merebau mosque.

In Hulu Terengganu, 19 victims are sheltered at the Kampung Sekayu mosque, 58 in Kampung Chering hall and six at the Kampung Pelandan hall.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department (JPS) reported that the water levels at major rivers in the state were still holding on even though rain continued to fall in the state.

However, water levels at Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap and Kampung Bukit in Setiu had surpassed the danger level.

According to a spokesman, water levels in Kampung Langkap had exceeded 22.01 meter (danger level 21.5m) and Kampung Bukit 13.19m (danger level 12.10m) while in Kuala Ping, water level at Sungai Telemong was 19.63m.

He said the road at Kampung Jak, Hulu Terengganu was under 0.3 meter of water and was closed to all traffic.

In Besut, several roads have been closed to all traffic after water rose to 0.5m and 2m.

The affected roads were Jerteh road to Keruak, Kampung La, Kampung Bekok and Gertak Jerebong.

– Bernama