Waytha speaks to Indian community in Muar

As part of his nationwide roadshow to publicize his class action lawsuit against the British government, Hindraf leader P Waytha Moorthy spoke to a packed hall at the Muar Indian Association, Bandar Di Raja Muar on various issues affecting the Indian community.

Waytha returned home to Malaysia after living a 56 month self –imposed exile in England.

He is claiming the sum of  RM 1 million in compensation for each one of Malaysia’s 1.8 million Indians on the grounds that the British Government at the time failed to protect them when independence was granted in 1957.

In an exclusive interview with CJMY, he said that various documents pertaining to Malayan independence remains concealed in Malaysia. I have found many documents that clearly shows that the rights of individuals may have been violated .

As a result of Hindraf  the nation is now controlled 40% by one government and 60% by another. Those who think that Indian votes are their “Fixed Deposits” should reconsider, He added .