Free clinic for migrants and refugees opens in Penang

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The cost of healthcare for migrants and refugees is exorbitant. With this in mind, the Penang office of Human Development has started a free medical clinic to make medical care accessible to migrants and refugees.

The clinic was launched late last month and is housed on the grounds of the Church of St Francis Xavier, 52K, Penang Road.

The clinic is staffed by a group of volunteers who started the Penang Mobile Clinic in October last year. The Penang Mobile Clinic started with visits to the Juru Detention Centre, twice a month.

Approximately 70 volunteers are divided into six teams, taking turns to go into the Juru Detention centre to provide medical service. A team usually consists of two doctors, two nurses, two dispensers and three general workers.

Dr Mary Fernandez, the chairwoman of the Penang Mobile Clinic said that besides providing medical services, it also provides counselling and therapy for the detainees.

The service to the Juru Detention Centre came to a halt in July this year due to
a security issue as there were too few staff at the Juru Detention Centre. However, the service will resume in January next year.

The clinic will be open on every Sunday, from 2 to 5pm. It is open to migrants and refugees of all ethnic groups.

To know more, please contact Sudhagaran Stanley of the Penang Office of Human Development at +6016 445 56678.