Sri Lanka’s Dambulla wholesale market

Dambulla is a town situated in the Matale District, Central Province of Sri Lanka 148 km north-east of Colombo and 72 km north of Kandy.

Due to its central location, it is the main distribution centre of vegetable in the country.

The largest vegetables and fruits wholesale market in Sri Lanka is located in Dambulla.

Fresh green chillies aplenty.
Large pumpkins on sale.
Many porters available to help load vegetables to be deported.
Carrots for a clearer vision.
Fruits are available too...the Mangosteens are cheap.
Sacks of bitter gourd.
Pineapple galore.
Avocados by the sack.
Snake gourd.
Ready for the consumers.
Delightful melons.
More vegetables less meat.