Photoblog: 902 Rally @ Kampung Bukit Koman

Located one kilometre away from Raub town is the sleepy hollow kampung of Bukit Koman.  However, since 2007, the  lives of the residents here have been turned topsy turvy by the operation of the Raub Australian Gold Mining (RAGM) company.

Kampung Bukit Koman
Residential houses just a stone throw away from the RAGM company

Today, on the 2nd of September, some 10,000 green activists converged at a football field (Padang Milo) in Raub town to protest against the use of cyanide by the RAGM company which is located just a stone throw away from many of the residential houses in the kampung.  Kampung Bukit Koman is just another kilometre up the road from the football field.

Mr Wong Kin Hooon, chairman of the Himpunan Hijau Raub said that 5 years ago they were not allowed to mention the word "cyanide" and the wearing of green T shirtsat their protests rallies against the setting up of the RAGM for using cyanide in their process.
A section of the crowd dressed in the Himpunan Hijau T shirts
The burning hot sun could not deter the supporters from sitting it out in the open field
A section of the crowd
A section of the crowd

Despite denials by the Government and the Raub Australia Gold Mining Company that the use of cyanide has caused health problems to the residents of Kampung Bukit Koman, there has been an increase of cases of residents having skin problems and itchyness there.

The front gates of the RAGM. The company's representative failed to appear at the rally site as agreed. This prompted the supporters to march here. They were however stopped by the police from doing so.
Yeang, age 60 lives with his family just a stone throw overlooking the RAGM. His family has been suffering from skin itchyness since the start of the Gold Mining operations
These two ladies from the Choo family have come back from KL to lend support to their family members who are still staying in this house just about 200 metres away from RAGM
Hooi has been coming to Bukit Koman over the past 3 years to collect durians for sale. His stall is just outside Raub town on the way to Bentong. He is also complaining of constant itchyness in his legs since he has spent the last 3 months in Bukit Koman.

More pictures taken at the 902 Himpunan Hijau Rally: