DPM harps on Malaysiakini and social media’s influence

Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin, recently spoke at the Muar Umno general assembly, which was held at Dewan Umno, Jalan Meriam, Muar.

In the one hour speech he touched on various issues including about the many promises made by the opposition and called on Umno members to unite and work hard to defend the state of Johor which is the birthplace of Umno.

Muhyiddin said that he has been in politics for over 40 years and has seen many elections and that this is the most challenging of them all, it has even prompted our party president to call it the “mother of all elections” .

Realising the presence of CJMY, he said: “I have been informed that everything I say is being recorded by Malaysiakini (and they will) publish it on the internet, Twitter, Facebook and blogs”.

“We are now in a new world. The world of social media, which is more powerful than the normal media. This has made it possible for everyone around the world to hear every word I say”, said Muhyiddin.

“This new challenge is not just a challenge but an opportunity. The situation in the 2008 election was because we did not take the full advantage of Social media”, he added.