Speeding with Drift Cars at competition

Imagine zooming past  a tight corner at crushing speed normally reserved for cruising on highways. As the vehicle loses its ability to adhere to the ground, the steering wheel is flicked, sliding the tail out.

The vehicle tightly clips the apex of the corner in a controlled sliding motion, while maintaining speed throughout the corner for a fast exit to the next corner.

While almost impossible to perform by most drivers, experienced ‘Drift’ experts can slide highly modified cars with high horsepower engines and aggressive aero packages around almost any corner in a controlled fashion.

The “Drift” competitions which began in Japan, it is growing in popularity especially in Malaysia.

Together with the 2011 Marathon , The Zon hosted a Drift Cars competition, organized by Nur Hobby Enterprise.

52 players from around the country came together to display their skills in maneuvering their sophisticated remote controlled cars.

According to the judge, Rizal bin Abdul Rahman points are given according the skills of the competitors of handling their RC cars.

Eric from Kuala Lumpur won the Super Expert Plus category and Paiee from Kuala Lumpur won the Expert Plus Category.

Video by Vijay Kumar Rahman, Citizen Journalist Malaysia