The ZON Run 2011

The Zon once again organised a public event which saw over 500 local and international participants eagerly taking part in a 10 km Marathon.

The race was divided into three category with a grand prizes of 10 thousand ringgit, a medal and certificate.

A runner from Kenya, Michael Kasitit won first place in the men’s category, while Sheela Samivellu and Calvin Boon Chang Yik become champion of the women and student categories respectively.

Acording to the Zon’s Business Unit Chief Ong Bok Siong, The Zon was looking forward to organize this event annually with a bigger competition and better prizes.

The ZON Regency Hotel by the sea in Johor Bahru is a business class hotel facility provider in the Southern region of Malaysia and has hosted numerous international and national events.


Video by Vijay Kumar Rahman, Citizen Journalist Malaysia