Photo blog: Fire razes house in Long Lamai

On October 16, a house located in Long Lamai, Upper Baram, deep in the interiors of Sarawak, was razed by fire.

Lacking the luxury of calling on fire fighters to assist them to put off the fire, the residents formed an impressive bucket brigade; they do not have the basic amenities such as electricity, water or a telephone line to begin with.

The house was completely burned down to the ground, leaving a family of three, Adree Phillips, 32, Emelda Winnie Herris, 22 and Clerance Azhazel Zaquan Adree, 2, with nothing by end of the fire.

The photographs below, taken by Gayut Lim, a Citizen Journalist, who stays in Long Lamai captures the dramatic event.

The fire initially started in the kitchen
Within minutes the fire spreads to whole house
The youths in village trying to put off the fire

Water source for the fire fighting effort
A villager trying to put off the fire using sprayer canister
The youths given up on saving the house
The owner of the house Adree Phillips tries to save what ever he can
The owner of the house, Adree Phillips
Whatever they could salvage from the fire
Adree Phillips with his wife Emelda Winnie Herris, and son Clerance Azhazhel Zaquan Adree