Penan vow Murum blockade to stay

A barricade of thick ropes, three empty wooden barrels and planks of timber greets lorry drivers approaching the Long Jaik longhouse near Sungai Seping in remote Belaga, deep in the jungles of Sarawak.

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Some pictures taken at the Murum Blockade:

Penans from Long Luar have been camping here and manning the blockade since September 25, 2012.
Matu Tugang, the chief of Long Jaik which is located just a kilometre from the blockade.
Bujang, age 45 camps here at the blockade with his family.
The Penan blockade is into its 4th week just at the entrance of the logging road leading to the Murum dam some 30 km up river.
Lorries such as these two in the picture carrying supplies to Murum Dam site are denied entry.
This truck carrying building materials destined for Murum Dam was not allowed through the blockade.
Some 3o Penans camp here each night in an abandoned workshop at the blockade.
The grids to transmit the electricity generated by the Murum Dam line have all been constructed.
One of the many logging sites lining the 70 km road leading up to the Murum Dam.
Turcks carrying timber logs are however allowed to pass through the blockade.
Smaller trucks carrying passengers are also allowed to pass through the blockade.