Student-led KKids programme strives to create community leaders

The KKids Club formed in SJK(T) Khalidi Muar, Bandar Di Raja Muar last year was developed mainly to inculcate leadership skills among young children.

A special fundraising event was held to demonstrate leadership and academic growth among children of the KKids club has proved the programme to be successful.

“The fact that the KKids independantly organised this event to raised funds through the sale of food, putng together a choreography of their own dance and the independent setting up of a “ghost home” with the primary aim of generating funds to help children with special needs is a testimony that the KKids programme is a success,” said Vani, a teacher at the club.

Another teacher Puspamalar said that the Club is made up of 22 students from standard 5 and 6.

“This programme was an effort  by students who single-handedly planned and organised the entire event and merely informed us about it,” she said.

Student, S.Vinisha said  “The reason I like KKids is because we are provided an opportunity to work together and do something for the special children and learnt teamwork from this”.

Another thriving student of the KKids Club Thivanesh delaired “I am the Preident of KKids and I like this club because it gives me an opportunity to take part in activities that eventually help special children”.

Headmaster of the School C Pandu Rengan said that ever since the student-led KKids club was set up in this school, he was able to see the transformation in the kids who participate as there is a constant devotion to community service.

“They definately have learnt how to be independant and responsible.

“I can see the difference between those children in this Club and the rest,” he said.

K-Kids provides the children an opportunity to develop themselves as they serve their community alongside parents and Kiwanis members.

“Through K-Kids children lay down a solid foundation of moral values upon which they can build a lifetime of good character. They experience the excitement of learning and demonstrate that they can make a difference in their world,” he added.