Coin-tossing lion dance at temple’s anniversary celebration

Devotees, young and old, picking up coins tossed by the dancing lion into the crowd during its performance at the Wong Loo Sen See Choong temple's 52nd anniversary celebration in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The Wong Loo Sen See Chee Choong temple at Jalan Lombong, 2 ½ miles off Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur recently celebrated its 52nd anniversary with hundreds of devotees who thronged the temple offering prayers to the resident deities for good health, longevity and prosperity.

The highlights on the auspicious day, being the first day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, were coin-tossing lion dance performance, wushu demonstration and a free vegetation buffet lunch.

Temple chairman How Joon Wai said he was happy to see a bigger crowd of devotees this year as the event fell on Sunday, a non-working day.

He said temple officials from various Wong Loo Sen See Temples located throughout the country also attended the festive occasion to strengthen the bonds of fellowship and fraternity.

Devotees gathered at the temple’s compound to catch the coin-tossing lion dance performance.

The pair of prancing lions performed the stunt of tossing coins into the crowd from their gaping mouths as traditional sounds from Chinese drums and cymbals provided the beat for the lion dance.

It is believed that whoever picks up the coins tossed by the lions will enjoy wealth and prosperity.

It is symbolic of being “showered with wealth and prosperity.”

The dancing prancing lion spread good luck, good fortune, good health and prosperity by tossing lucky coins from its gaping mouth.
Devotees bending down to pick up the coins tossed by the dancing lion.
Ready to catch the coins being tossed from the lion's gaping mouth.
Devotees extending their hands to the lion for lucky coins.
Temple chairman How Joon Wai (facing camera) and committee receive a platter of lettuce leaves, pomelo, Mandarin oranges and dragon fruit from the lions as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.
Raising the platter high up and saying loudly “Huat Ah!” (Prosperity).
Wushu exponents showing off their skills.
Devotees light incensed joss sticks during the celebration of Wong Loo Sen See Choong temple's 52nd anniversary.
Devotees eat vegetarian meals at the temple's canteen.
Wong Loo Sen See Choong temple chairman How Joon Wai (front row, third from left) and committees.
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