Floating Book Fair: Logos Hope

Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair is now at the Cruise Ship Center at Port Klang.   With a crew of 400 volunteers from 45 countries, the Logos is making one huge trip around the world.  

Its arrival has captured the imagination of Malaysians from all walks of life and the number of visitors has averaged 6000 per day since the ship’s arrival on 28th Sept 2011.

Jessie LaPlue, 24, a volunteer from USA explains : 
“ We in the Logos Hope have 3 purposes. We want to bring knowledge, help and give hope to people in port cities all over the world.  There is a unique international community , an examplary diversity right here onboard the ship. We are known as the worlds largest floating bookfair with more than 5000 book-titles. They range from novels to cookbooks to children’s books, medical, language learning and self-help which will apply to almost everyone. “

Femke Reinstra, 19 who hails  from Netherlands speaks on her trip to Africa:
“ The most challenging  thing was  in Africa was when I had to go out and live with an African family. They did not have water supply and I could not have a shower or use a normal toilet.  It took a lot of effort to get drinking water.”

Goobin 24 from South Korea tells of his experience when on the ship,
“ I have a very good time on board and I have the chance and opportunity to look round the world. During this time I experience many cultures and languages.   I have met many people and it is a good experience for me.”

One of the visitor, Mr Lim took the long queue in his own stride.  He says
“ I arrive here 3.30 pm and had to queue more than 2 hours before reaching the deck.  Hopefully I will come again next time at night.”

The Logos Hope is operated by GBA ships, a German charitable organisation and is the latest replacement to earlier ships which either have been sold or retired. The ship started its life as a car ferry in the 1970’s and have been refitted over the past 5 years to its present almost mint condition.
The Logos Hope will be berthed here till 24th October and her next destination will be Kuching and then Kota Kinabalu.

Story by: R Rajeswari & KSTan

Picture by: KSTan