MCA wants Selangor government to provide more free water

MCA Petaling Jaya Selatan today sent a memorandum to Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim concerning the state’s free water policy to demand subsidies given to flat dwellers to be backdated to March 2008.

Selangor MCA Public Complaints Bureau Vice Chairman Kevin Chong said that under the current Selangor government, which launched the free water policy in March 2008, households were to get the first 20 cubic metres of water for free, however flat dwellers were conveniently left out of the policy.

He said the flat dwellers, many of whom are from the lower income group, only started to receive water bill exemption coupons worth RM11.40 since May this year.

“From the period between March 2008 to March this year, 36 months in total, why wasn’t any help given to the hardcore poor?” he asked at a press conference after sending the memorandum.

“We urge MB to backdate the rebate to March 2008, so every flat dweller can get RM410 for the water bill they have paid in the last three years,” he added.

The memorandum was received by a representative of the MB’s office.

Due to bulk meter billing practised by many property managers of apartment blocks, their residents have not benefited from the 20 cubic meter free water program undertaken by the Pakatan Rakyat led Selangor government.

The government began to tackle the issue late last year by issuing exemption coupon equivalent to the billing amount of the first 20 cubic metres.

Pangsapuri Impian Baiduri block A resident association chairman Tambi Chik Hassan, however, said many residents were upset with Selangor government’s policy.

“Sometimes they give rebate, sometimes they don’t. The residents feel dissatisfied, so they refuse to pay the bills,” he claimed.

He alleged further that the utilities arrears of four blocks have accumulated to RM500,000, which includes RM45 of management fees imposed on each households.

“If we don’t pay by next week, our water supply will be tampered,” he said.

PJ Elevated City is for foreign labour?

Meanwhile, Chong also reiterated the call for Selangor government to scrap an alleged “foreign labour village” development at Jalan SS8/6, Petaling Jaya near factories.

He said the plan to build 10,000 units of flats for foreign labour is irrational as many local folks struggles to get a house.

“Besides, many Sungai Way residents have expressed their objection to the plan,” he (right) claimed.

Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San, when contacted, denied that the development, named PJ Elevated City, is a plan meant for the factory workers.

He said the development also comprises of commercial and recreational facilities as well as high density residential projects such as apartments.

“The over-population in Sungai Way new village is caused by a huge influx of factory workers who are mainly foreigners. No more than 100 houses out of 600 houses in the new village are converted into multi-storey hostels.

“Without the development, the whole new village will be over-crowded and choked with all sort of social, cleanliness and structural problems,” he told Komunitikini.

Selangor, in a written reply to Lau’s query raised during the Selangor state assembly, said the project includes 3000 parking lots for the industrial area, office and retails blocks, service apartments and flats.