All bets are off, time to break the habit says GRC

Echoing the non-profit charity organization expo themed of ‘Love Our Community’, The Gamblers Rehab Centre (GRC) of Malaysia poised to help people break their gambling habits and to restore families.

The GRC members, which participated in the expo at Sutera Mall, Johor from November 2 to 4, have helped countless gamblers,through its community care projects.

GRC, which was founded on 21st February 2003, now has 10 centres in Malaysia and Singapore.

The centres are in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak, two in Seremban, and three in Kluang.

Over the years GRC have helped restore many broken families, and brought hope and love into their lives again.

According to GRC spokeperson Lee Kim Heng, , most gamblers’ start young.  Most of them remembered that it came from gambling and winning during the Chinese New Year gambling sessions.

Hence, Lee said GRC is going all out to combat the problem through talks and workshops in schools, learning institutions, churches and business entities.

Lee said to rehabilitate compulsive gamblers, who gamble to the extend of borrowing from loan sharks, the centre has a three months live in programme where they and their families can go through.

He also said that the centre tries to involve the gamblers’ families through counseling so that they can look at them differently.