SESB detects 400 houses stealing electricity

About 400 houses in nine squatter areas in the district were detected carrying out illegal electrical connections.
Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) East Zone manager Charles K. Dalansing said the activities were detected through enforcement operations, up to last September.

He said among the areas were Kampung Lupak Meluas, the area near Sedco industries, Sentosa Jaya, Cahaya Biru, Astana Height and Taman Mesra.

“An average of 50kg of wires of various types were seized each time an operation against illegal connections is carried out,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Charles said, through surveys during each operation, he found that those involved were skilled in using various methods to carry out illegal extensions including disabling the power connection and carrying out illegal connections through underground cables.

He said the operations, conducted using a special schedule and based on public tip-offs, were able to reduce illegal electrical thefts in the district.

– Bernama