Improve PJS 1 longhouse before more families move in, MBPJ urged

A total of 6 families who will shift to the PJS 1 longhouse and the home’s existing residents recently met MBPJ council president Roslan Sakiman to highlight their deplorable living conditions at the transit home.

The longhouse is meant to temporarily accommodate the 30 families while awaiting their allocated flats’ completion after being forced to abandon their homes at Kampung Muniandi, however the current state of the longhouse is in need of serious attention and repairs.

“Everytime it rains heavily, people staying inside will be very scared,” said block E buyers action committee chairman M. Sugumaran, as the home’s damaged ceiling causes leakage.

He said while the longhouse residents are still holding on to the state government’s promise of repairing the longhouse, with six more families about to move in, repair works should be accelerated.

The six, who still remain in Kampung Muniandy, were the last recipients of the eviction notice issued by Petaling District Land Office on July 21.

The residents who did not own a land permit were asked to vacate the land to facilitate the construction of a school.

In spite of the meeting conducted between MBPJ, land office and the residents’ representatives, Sugumaran said another eviction notice was issued o Sept 7.

The residents hence went to Roslan’s office last Friday to hand over a memorandum, in which they requested for house repairs and another longhouse to be built for the six families.

“They must also give a assurance letter to the six stating that they can stay in the longhouse until their flats are built,” he said.

Some of the other requests include acceleration of the construction of Block E and to attend to the faulty drainage built around the longhouses which frequently overflows.

“I hope they can sort it out before Deepavali,” he added.

Meanwhile, it was said that the land office has agreed to postpone the eviction until a solution to the matter is found.

MBPJ public relations official Zainun Zakaria said her side will respond to the matter soon.