Anwar: I’ll be a good prime minister

Some 2000 people turned up at Taman Pakatan to listen to PKR Defacto leader, Anwar Ibrahim during the “Program Jelajah Merdeka” ceramah series in Perak, recently.

The “ceramah” was organised by the Tambun PKR for the P63 parliament constituency.

Anwar fired his first salvo by saying that Umno organised its annual general assembly merely to defame him and the Pakatan Rakyat and without actual strategies or plans for the upcoming GE13.

He went on to elaborate that the huge deficit in Malaysias budget is to the corrupt activities practiced by Umno and its allies.

“The huge wealth generated is shared by Umno related organizations and a few individual cronies, who are now tycoons with huge debts,” he told the growing crowd.

He pledged that if Pakatan was to come to power, they will reduce petroleum prices within 24 hours and abolish PTPN loans in a month or two.

He also went on to promise that when Pakatan is sworn in it will take solid measures to eradicate poverty by channeling “projects” to rakyat.

Anwar said that Islam teaches righteousness and a leader should practice its values when running a country.

“A good leader will look after the welfare of the rakyat as a whole and not few individuals and cronies,” he said.

He also said that if he was chosen as a prime minister in the Pakatan ruled government, he had no intentions to prosecute or punish anyone, but wants to have the national wealth in order and have the wealth channeled back to the people.