MPSJ confirms Empire Gallery CF, dismisses rumours

Photo by Tan Kai Swee

Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) president Asmawi Kasbi yesterday confirmed that a Certificate of Fitness (CF) was issued to Empire Gallery last year, dismissing rumours that the blast-stricken shopping complex did not have a CF.

The complex was struck by an explosion at approximately 3.45am yesterday, which severely damaged the lower ground floor of the shopping complex, several cars were also damaged including a VW Golf GTi.

Photo by Tan Kai Swee

Asmawi said the CF was issued upon the resubmission of its masterplan.

A MPSJ official told Komunitikini that Empire Gallery’s first application for CF was turned down because an extra floor was found in the building, which was not seen in its approved master plan.

“But after they resubmit the plan we gave them the CF, so building wise there should not be any problem,” he said.

Asmawi said the CF preliminary findings attribute the cause of the explosion to gas leakage, which has nothing to do with its structure.

“There is no issue of withdrawing CF, we will wait for the police and fight fighting department reports to see what we can help out,” he said at a press conference after chairing the council’s monthly full board meeting.

He added that it is beyond the council’s jurisdiction to handle the explosion case.

Starbucks denies involvement in the blast

On another note, Selangor fire and rescue department head Osman Abdullah said the first fire trucks arrived at the scene at 3.50pm where the front of the building was ablaze due to the explosion.

Although Osman suspects the cause of the explosion to be from gas leakage, but Starbuck, the shop where the fire first broke out, has denied possession of any gas equipments in their lot.

“The explosion did not originate by Starbucks. Starbucks does not use any gas tanks in any outlets,” said its management in a note posted on facebook.

“Starbucks is still waiting for the full report from the complex management and the Fire and Rescue Department. Please take note, our store at Empire Gallery will be temporary close until further notice,” it stated further.