SK Assunta 1 PTA in hot soup over RM100,000 scandal

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) members of SK Assunta 1, Petaling Jaya are pressing for an emergency general meeting for an alleged misuse of more than RM100,000 of funds by its association chairman and the school principal.

The half-century elite school was said to be in deplorable state as certain classrooms suffer from no electricity while only three out of 15 toilet rooms are usable.

“This is despite the fact that the Ministry of Education has allocated RM100,000 for the improvement of school facilities three years ago,” claimed PTA vice chairwoman Noorulainah Jalaludheen with a few executive members recently.

According to her, the PTA chairman Mahavishnu claimed to have spent RM55,000 of the fund on wiring to prevent short-circuit that led to black out,  while RM45,000 was spent on plumbing.

“But when a fire occurred early this year at the school, we were told by a firefighting official that no such wiring was installed in the school,” she said.

Located at Jalan Gasing, SK Assunta 1 is a prestigious all-girls school that produces alumnus such as wife of Abdullah Badawi, Jeane Abdullah; Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Marina Mahathir.

Noorulainah accused the school principal, Nor Adza Hj Ismail and a teacher Noor Lina Mohd Yusof of working in cahoots with Mahavishnu to abuse school funds in the past three years.

She claimed a few members and her were not given a chance to audit the committee’s accounts since they were elected in March.

“We have lodged a complaint against them via Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission and the police,” she (below, right) said.


Principal use Rosmah to avoid transfer

The alleged corruption also affected SK Assunta 2, which shares the same building with SK Assunta 1 but holds a separate administration.

SK Assunta 2 PTA chairman Mohd Zarif Abdullah said Mahavishnu was recorded to have spent RM39,900 to buy 20 computers for a joint computer club, but later it was discovered that only five computers were bought.

“This is a clear-cut corruption but when we questioned about it, the school principal (Nor Adza) reacted by launching a 33-page allegations against my PTA,” he said.

Zarif then raised the issue to the school inspector and a meeting was called in June where 45 people from both schools attended.

“In the meeting Nor Adza cried and admitted that she was the one who produced the allegations, and Mahavishnu also admitted his wrongdoings,” he said.

The concerned parents then brought the meeting minutes to Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong, who in return asked the Selangor Education Department (JPS) to investigate the matter.

However, when JPS finally ordered Nor Adza and Nur Lina to be transferred, both refused to budge.

“Nur Lina was supposed to go by August 16 and Nur Adza by Sept 16, but both of them are still here,”

“They claimed they know (Prime Minister’s wife) Rosmah Mansor and hence they can avoid the transfer,” Zarif said.

The fuming parents are now asking the problematic duo to be removed and an EGM to be called for the deliberation of Mahavishnu’s wrongdoings.

“If this goes on, I will consider pulling my child out of the school,” said Noorulainah.

Also attending the press conference were SK Assunta 1 PTA members Kalaivani Balakerashanan and auditor Umatheri Balasundaram.


Photo courtesy to Priyatharisini