Load shark harasses family over RM344,000 loan

By Asmahanim Amir

A man thought he was doing his two colleagues a favour by standing guarantor for a RM344,000 loan which they obtained from a loan shark last year.

The colleagues displayed their ‘gratitude’, alright!  Not only did they fail to service the loan, but also disappeared, leaving the good samaritan in the lurch.

Early this month, the guarantor’s family which resides in Taman Saga Phase II, got a taste of the wrath of the loan shark. Thugs despatched by the loan shark began terrorising the family. This morning, they hurled stones at the house, shattering a mirror on its main door and the windscreen of a car in the porch.

Today’s incident was the fourth time the thugs had harassed the family.

The guarantor’s father, who wished to be known only as Lau, said the incident began when one of his children stood guarantor for his two colleagues who borrowed money from the loan shark.

The 58-year-old believed the loan shark was related to the two colleagues.

Speaking to reporters at his house, he said, although RM164,000 was paid to the loan shark, the latter insisted they repay the entire loan.

“We cannot afford to pay as the sum is too big. The interest is not fixed and for late payment, the penalty could be up to RM1,000 a day.”

Lau said he had called the loan shark to discuss the matter but the money lender insisted the guarantor pay RM5,000 a month.

“When we could not pay, we were frequently threatened. They would become aggressive,” he said, adding he had lodged a police report.

He hoped the police would put an end to the constant threats and harassment so that they could carry on with their lives.

– Bernama