Police blame Ops Sikap failure on traffic increase

An increase in the number of vehicles on roads throughout the country has been identified as the main reason for the
failure of Ops Sikap 24 to reduce accidents and fatalities during the festive season from Aug 23 to Sept 6.

Kuala Lumpur Traffic Chief ACP Rusli Mohd Noor said apart from the attitude or behaviour of motorists, an increase in the volume of traffic had contributed to an increase in the number of accidents and fatalities.

“Throughout the festival season this year about 20 million vehicles had used the roads compared with 18 million last year,” he told Bernama yesterday.

Rusli said during Ops Sikap 24, 19,606 accidents were registered compared with 16,817 cases last year, an increase of 16.5 percent while the number of deaths increased from 248 last year to 289 this year.

He said top on the list of fatalities were motorcyclists with 178, followed by motorists on cars (67), pedestrians (20), van (7), lorry (6), other vehicles (6) and cycle (5).

A study on traffic conducted by Bukit Aman showed that 85 percent of the accidents were due to attitude and behaviour of drivers, especially losing control while speeding, careless, tailing vehicles in front of them closely and crossing roads at junctions, interchanges without proper care.

Since many accidents are caused by speeding, there was a need to review or reduce the speed limit on roads, especially on highways and expressway although many motorists may not agree to such a proposal, he said.

He added that such measures were necessary because even though stricter rules and penalty for road offences has been enforced, the number of accidents have increased lately due to speeding.

“Many drivers do not heed the speed limits set and tend to drive above the speed limit,” he said.

Rusli said officers from the police, Road Transport Department, Fire and Rescue Department who were involved in Ops Sikap 24 had carried out their duties well throughout the festive period.

“So to point fingers at the police entirely for Ops Sikap 24’s failure to achieve the objective is not right. Motorists must also realise their responsibilities when on the road,” he said.

– Bernama