Malaysian beauties ready to vie for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 crown

As many as 19 gorgeous young women unveiled themselves before the media on Tuesday to mark the first step of their journey towards being crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2012.

The event, held after the conclusion of Miss Universe 2011 which was broadcasted live in a bar in Bangsar, saw the 19 Malaysian finalists dish out killer smiles as the organisers announced a beauty camp which will focus on grooming them for the highly prestigious competition.

The camp will be turned into a reality show and aired on Astro Hitz TV (Channel 705) starting September 29.

When asked whether they will be afraid of having their personal lives revealed on air during the show, many finalist said they have yet to know the details of the camp.

“We have yet to receive anything formal, but we know we are entering the camp in two weeks,” one finalist told Komunitikini.

Beauties speak about Malaysia Day

Without having to wait two more weeks for the show to be aired, Komunitikini was determined to find out more about the beauties by asking them what they thought about Malaysia Day.

Magdaline Wong said the day is about continents divided by sea coming together as one nation.

“That is our day and a day for all Malaysians. That’s why we have a pageant from Sabah in this competition today,” she said.

23-year-old Zana Chin said she would like to showcase her patriotism through being a people-caring beauty.

“As a Malaysian, what I can do is not become an ordinary contestant, I would like to help out in charities as much as possible and perhaps bring out more people to do it,” she (right) said.

When asked what are the social problems facing the country today, Gabriella Robinson and Layka Sethuram immediately raised the issue of baby dumping.

Sethuram stressed that the problem is usually caused by premarital-sex among young adult and says the problem can be avoided with the involvement of parents.

“This is a big problem and as part of the solution, parents should have an idea of what their kids are doing,” Sethuram (below, right) said.

Sethuram also said many teenage mothers who dump their babies are scared and usually don’t know how to react to the situation.

“To prevent this, children these days should be taught about sex,” Robinson (below, left) said.

She added that many young girls do not know the kind of dangers they are exposed to when it comes to sex.

On another note, the duo also reckoned that family is a great source of motivation for them in this competition.


Meanwhile, 21-year-old Cassandra Kiu (below, right) and 20 year-old Sim Jing Yi (below, left) felt glad that as good friends, both of them have secured a place in the final stage of the competition.

“We are going to look after each other in the camp,” they said.

The beauty camp reality show is the first-of-its kind.

It will run six one-hour episodes before a beauty queen is formally crowned in a gala dinner in November.