Miss Chinese World 2011 crown goes to Xu Wen Xi from Jinan, China

Newly crowned Miss Chinese World 2011 queen Xu Wen Xi (centre) of Jinan, China flanked by first runner-up Li Zhu Jun (left) of Perth, Australia and second runner-up Jessica Yeung Wai-Ping (right) of Vancouver, Canada.


A 20-year-old Xu Wen Xi from Jinan, China successfully superseded thirty-five international Chinese beauties from cities around the world by winning the coveted crown of Miss Chinese World 2011 beauty pageant

Miss Chinese World 2011 queen Xu Wen Xi of Jinan, China smiles and waves to the cheering crowd.

A total of 36 delegates of Chinese descent from 10 countries gathered in the country for the grand finale held recently at the lagoon grand ballroom of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Petaling Jaya.

First runner-up, went to Li Zhu Jun, 22, from Perth, Australia who also won the subsidiary title of Miss Body Beautiful whilst Jessica Yeung
Wai-Ping from Vancouver, Canada came in third. Jessica also won the subsidiary title of Miss Gorgeous.

“I am very happy to win the title. I will do more to help the less fortunate and I will be donating part of the money and prizes I won to charities that are closest to my heart,” said the jubilant Xu Wen Xi who spoke in Mandarin.

“This is my first visit to Malaysia and I really enjoyed the great wonderful sights and the very friendly people during our exciting tourof your beautiful country,” added Xu Wen Xi who also won the subsidiary title of Miss Personality.

Contestants parade around on the stage.

Li Zhu Jun, 22, who spoke a bit of English said: “When I heard my name called as the first runner-up I was so excited. I did my best. I am very happy knowing that I make my mom and friends proud of me. I will do as much as I can to help and make disabled people more happy.”

In contrast, Jessica Yeung Wai-Ping who spoke fluent English said: “I feel very blessed that I have won. I never expected it… even to qualify in the top 10 finalists.

“I really want to thank everyone who had nurtured me all the way up to this point and everyone in the competition had taught me a lot. I really want to say thank you to all of them.”

“I will work with this honor and use it to do more charity work and help the tourism in Malaysia by encouraging more Canadians to visit the country.”

Reflecting the theme of the pageant “Beauty of Heart, World of Wisdom, the oriental delegates from the ten countries namely Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia traveled around the country for almost three weeks.

They were involved in various charitable activities, raising funds for schools and charitable organizations leading up to the grand finale.

Contestants parade in Cheongsam.

Malaysia was represented by five contestants; one each from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Miri, Penang and Selangor.

Thirteen subsidiary titles were awarded. The title winners are Miss Sunway Charm (Dorine Waldvogel, Bangkok), Miss Personality (Xu Wen Xin, Jinan, China), Miss Crowning Glory (Low Lai Kim, Kuala Lumpur), Miss Physique (Huang Wei Chen, Kaoshiung, Taiwan), Miss Gorgeous (Jessica Yeung Wai-Ping (Vancouver, Canada), Miss Photogenic (Fan Yi Na, Zhengzhou, China), Best in National Costume (Lin Fang Ping, Taipei, Taiwan),  Miss Goodwill (Lee Bee Yin, Penang), Best in Talent (Dorine Waldvogel, Bangkok), Miss Body Beautiful (Li Zhu Jun, Perth, Australia), Miss Friendship (Yvonne Supang Lukas, Miri), Miss Elegance (Low Lai Kim, Kuala Lumpur) and Miss Popularity (Low Lai Kim, Kuala Lumpur).

President and owner of Miss Chinese World Danny Ooi said: “The objective of this pageant is to promote the Chinese culture, traditions and customs as a continuous remembering of the Chinese valueand at the same time to promote international friendship, peace and goodwill among the participants.”