Penang’s homeless ‘beca’ man

There are many rickshaw riders in Penang without a home to live and Muniandy is one of them.

At the age of 64, he is still riding a rickshaw for a living.

Not far from the Komtar building, a rickshaw stand in Jalan Penang has become the place they take shelter and sleep.

According to Muniandy, he was born in Changlun, Kedah and moved to Georgetown,Penang when he was 7 years old.

He started riding rickshaws from 1971 and he still does not have his own decent home even after 42 years of working.

Muniandy is receiving RM300 per month from Welfare department, yet it is not sufficient to support his life.

Therefore he is still continuing his job as a rickshaw rider to sustain his livelihood.

He hopes that the government could provide a special home for the poor rickshaw riders as they represent Penang as an unoffcial ambassadors to the tourists.

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