Photoblog: Penang CM massive CNY open house turnout

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng held a Chinese New Year open house on February 10, 2013 at PISA from 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Many PR leaders were present, including the Deputy Chief Minster I and Deputy Chief Minister II.

The special guest was the governor of Penang,  Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas and his wife.

Barisan Nasional Penang chief Teng Chang Yeow and Gerakan Penang chief Teng Hock Nan were present too.

There were plenty of Malaysian food (Chinese, Malay, Indian) to go around topped with entertainment to keep visitors occupied.

Penang CM with his wife, greeting visitors as they came in, with a handshake and oranges.
Lim Kit Siang dropped in.
Barisan Nasional leaders dropped in too. Seen here is Gerakan chairperson, Teng Hock Nan and Penang BN chief, Teng Chang Yeow.
The governor of Penang and his wife, after arrival, went to pick some oranges with the CM and wife.
The massive crowd.
Enjoying their food.
The VIPs were seated in a long table in front of the stage.
The CM, flanked by the governor of Penang on his left, and the State Assembly speaker, Abdul Halim Hussain, on his right.
One of the two lion, stretching up high to get the banner with auspicious words.
One of the lion passing the banner to the CM.
The VIPs all ready to toss the 'Yee Sang'
Tossing of 'Yee Sang'. The higher, the better!
The CM's wife, YB Betty Chew giving angpow to children.
Queuing up patiently for the food.
The crowd swelled at near 12 noon.
Entertainment - Malay dance.
Entertainment - Chinese dance.
Entertainment - Indian dance.